A new app that will make your child’s world a little bit safer

While Synagram can’t eliminate the dangers children face in our world, this new tracking app can enhance your child‘s safety. It will enable parents to locate their child - and also determine whether he or she has returned safely from school - while at work, shopping or commuting.  

What are Synagram’s target groups?

This new tracking app is not just for school beginners. Indeed, it’s suitable for kids throughout childhood and into their teens. The monitoring function is discreet enough that teenagers won’t be embarrassed about being “supervised”. They can enjoy their independence while still remaining in their parents’ safe embrace. 

The new tracking app’s advantages

Thanks to Synagram, you can monitor your children while still giving them the space they need. The app allows you to keep a watchful eye on your child’s whereabouts at all times. Synagram includes a special safety feature, the so-called “Panic Button”. Your child can activate it when in danger. Parents will receive an instant message as to their child’s location. Per click, the child can be called, sent a message or searched for. Synagram uses GPS data and thus ensures absolutely precise localization.